Family Emergency Accommodation Townsville
provides a range of housing and support services to families

Long Term Housing

What is the Long Term Housing Program?

  • Properties that are owned by Department of Housing & Public Works, that are leased under the requirements of Long Term Housing.
  • FEAT leases accommodation to eligible applicants.
  • Applicants are referred to FEAT from the Department of Housing & Public Works Register of Need.

Are You Eligible?

  • You  must have a current approved application with Department of Housing & Public Works
  • You must be able to live independently.  People who can have their support needs met by another organisation are eligible for assistance.

How Do I Apply?

  • Contact Department of Housing & Public Works for assessment of eligibility for the Register of Need.  If eligible, you will need to request that Community Housing be listed on your application as a housing option.

How Much Will My Rent Be?

  • Your rent is based on your household income.  Rent is calculated at 25% of assessable household income plus full Rent Assistance you are entitled to receive through Department of Human Services – Centrelink.
  • The rent policy guidelines used are set by Department of Housing & Public Works. Click here to read more.